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Your Involvement

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When you decide to file an asbestos lawsuit, you may feel overwhelmed with the complexity of the legal process. You may have concerns about testifying, appearing in court, giving depositions, or taking part in other activities required to bring your mesothelioma lawsuit. Following is a simple list of proceedings that will usually require your involvement, but when you work with HendlerLaw, you're not alone:

  • You will be asked to answer some preliminary questions so that our mesothelioma attorneys can determine whether or not you should bring a lawsuit. The questions would focus on:
    • your exposure to the asbestos that caused your illness
    • your diagnosis and current medical condition, and
    • the impact your disease has had on your life.
  • If you decide to proceed with your lawsuit, you will be asked for additional information and asked to identify witnesses, such as family members and co-workers, who can provide evidence that will assist our mesothelioma attorneys in researching and developing your case for trial.
  • You will probably be called on from time to time for additional information or to verify the accuracy of information you provided in the past.
  • You will likely have to give a deposition. Depositions are formal interviews given under oath that are recorded by a court reporter. All the attorneys involved in the lawsuit will attend and the deposition may later be used in court as testimony. See Mesothelioma Legal Process FAQs.

Reaching a mesothelioma settlement

We will only ask for your involvement when it is necessary for achieving the best mesothelioma settlement for you. It's possible your case may not go all the way to trial. Often the parties to an asbestos lawsuit work to negotiate terms to settle the claims instead of going to trial. HendlerLaw attorneys have extensive trial experience, which means you are in the best possible bargaining position. But they also excel in negotiation skills so when the opportunity to negotiate a settlement arises, we are ready. It's always your decision whether to accept any mesothelioma settlement offers.

The right mesothelioma attorney

When you work with HendlerLaw, choosing a mesothelioma attorney is simple. Each one of us is experienced in helping our mesothelioma clients through the complex legal process. We will prepare you by helping you understand the kinds of questions to expect and help you tell your story. We will explain each step of your involvement and help you work through any concerns or questions you have.

Please contact us if you have questions or need more information. HendlerLaw has been successfully representing mesothelioma patients and their families for more than fifteen years. Call us at 1.800.443.6353 or e-mail us at