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Legal Deadlines

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If you are diagnosed with mesothelioma lung cancer, you may be eligible to seek compensation. It is important to understand the court-imposed legal deadlines for filing an asbestos lawsuit so that you don't miss the opportunity to claim your legal rights.

Mesothelioma legal advice—legal deadlines

Because timing is critical, you must obtain the best possible mesothelioma legal advice on how to proceed and how to ensure you meet all legal deadlines. The state in which you file your claim will determine the legal deadlines in your particular case. Legal deadlines vary from state to state for mesothelioma cases. In fact, they are sometimes different from deadlines for other types of personal injury cases, so it's important to talk with a qualified attorney for mesothelioma legal advice. If you have mesothelioma and would like us to evaluate your situation and determine the legal deadlines that will apply to your case, please call us at HendlerLaw toll free at. 800.443.6353.

Advice on asbestos legal rights and legal deadlines

The best advice on your asbestos legal rights and legal deadlines can only come from an experienced qualified mesothelioma attorney. Your attorney will also recommend which court to file your claim in and advise you of the legal deadlines that will apply to your case.

The statute of limitations varies from state to state. For instance, the state of Texas allows two years after diagnosis or death. California allows only one year. New York allows three, and Florida requires a filing within four years. But every state is different, so do not delay consulting with the professionals at HendlerLaw to determine the legal deadlines that apply to your situation.

Be aware your attorney may suggest you file your case in a state other than where you live. That decision will be based on a variety of factors, including where the exposure occurred and where the defendants are located.

Keep in mind that it may take many weeks or even several months to do the groundwork before filing suit. For that reason, we urge you to take action immediately to prevent losing your legal right to file. We are happy help you determine which state you must file in—whether Nevada, Missouri, Virginia, or any other state—and we will advise you on the correct legal deadlines. Call us at 800.443.6353 or email us at