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HendlerLaw was founded in 1993 by Scott Hendler to help people who have been victimized by corporate misconduct. With a national trial practice based out of Austin, Texas, our firm represents clients throughout the U.S. and Latin America in toxic injury litigation, and in particular, mesothelioma cases.

Learning more about HendlerLaw is as easy reviewing our firm website for facts and information about our services, our attorneys, and our successes on behalf of our clients. We represent people who have been injured or have become ill through the negligence of a manufacturer or an employer.

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Scott Hendler - Mesothelioma Lawyer with HendlerLawWe are especially committed to serving those who have developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure—either on the job or by living in close quarters with someone who worked with asbestos or was around it in the work environment. Asbestos dust that workers carried home on their clothes is known to cause mesothelioma among people who lived in the same home.

When you have malignant pleural mesothelioma, you should establish a relationship with an asbestos attorney for help with your asbestos cancer legal matters. With HendlerLaw you can be assured an experienced asbestos attorney will work on your asbestos cancer case. The legal experience of our attorneys in this field of law is one of the most important reasons to talk to our firm for advice on what options may be available to you. We have helped many asbestos cancer survivors and their families—and we have a long track record of success on behalf of our clients in all areas. But we also take the time to get to know our clients, their families and their needs and we make ourselves and our resources available to help you confront the challenges this disease presents.

We have a 24-hour hotline where you can connect with us to ask questions, request a free case evaluation, or schedule an interview with one of our attorneys for asbestos cancer help. The number is 800.443.6353. We always work on a contingency basis—which means you never need pay anything upfront. Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the compensation we recover for you. If we don't recover, you owe nothing for our work.

Your Lawsuit, Your Lawyer and Your Mesothelioma Legal Claim

The more you learn about HendlerLaw, our lawsuit experience, our lawyer to client approach and our mesothelioma track record, the more you will find you can trust us to give you the right advice on when, where and how to file a claim to maximize the likelihood of success.

No matter what state you live in—whether Northern California, Texas, Maryland, Dallas, Georgia, Connecticut, Delaware, Colorado, Illinois, Alabama, Ohio, New York, Southern California, Florida, Michigan, or elsewhere in the United States—if we decide to accept your case and pursue a claim for you, chances are good that we will recover compensation for you. For more information about HendlerLaw, visit