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Traditional Treatment

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Mesothelioma treatment consists of traditional and non-traditional treatment approaches. Typically, traditional treatment for mesothelioma relies upon most of the same methods doctors use to fight every lung cancer. Because mesothelioma usually occurs so long after the patient was exposed to asbestos and its early signs are similar to other less-serious conditions, it is often hard to diagnose. In fact, because the disease may not even show symptoms until well into its course, treatment for mesothelioma often does not begin until the disease has progressed to a later stage.


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Mesothelioma treatment

You will get the most reliable advice on mesothelioma treatment from doctors who specialize in this disease. They will often recommend some combination of surgery with radiation and chemotherapy, all of which are considered traditional treatment.

Your doctor will give you information and advice based on the type of mesothelioma you have: malignant pleural (chest) or malignant peritoneal (abdominal) or possibly other rarer types such as pericardial mesothelioma. Sometimes traditional treatment—which may include removing fluid that has built up in the linings of your organs—can give some relief of symptoms such as difficulty breathing, pain in your chest or abdomen, and so on.

Lung Cancer Treatment

It is your decision to accept any treatment your doctors recommend. Some use the traditional treatment for lung cancer—which consists of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy—as their preferred treatment for mesothelioma. Some will pursue treatment approaches specifically designed by doctors who specialize in treating mesothelioma patients. Since standard lung cancer treatment can cause a lot of discomfort, you may also decide you would like to combine regular treatment options with non-traditional treatment approaches to help relieve discomfort.

You can rely on getting the best mesothelioma treatment from cancer teams working at centers of excellence for lung cancer located in many states including Nebraska, Texas, Maryland, Ohio, Florida and California.

Consider filing an asbestos related legal claim

If you've been diagnosed with mesothelioma, whether you are using traditional treatment alone or in combination, you should consider filing an asbestos-related legal claim. Make sure to discuss your situation and specific circumstances with a qualified mesothelioma attorney. If your history of exposure to asbestos meets the necessary criteria—and only an experienced lawyer can help you decide that—you may be able to recover compensation for this disease.

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