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Other Diagnostics

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Mesothelioma lung cancer develops from exposure to asbestos. It is not easy to tell it from pleurisy or other lung cancers. Certain tests including fluid diagnosis and tissue sampling must be done. In addition, there are other diagnostics that can help your physician make a definitive mesothelioma diagnosis. As of now, the process of diagnosing accurately may include testing the blood and having x-rays and CT scans, as well as using laproscopy or other procedures for removing samples of fluids and tissues.

Early lung cancer test

Because mesothelioma is so aggressive, once symptoms have appeared the patient has little hope of extending his/her life. Other diagnostics that may help detect disease earlier include a lung cancer test that is essentially a screening tool. Your doctor may look for abnormal tissue when no symptoms are present in an effort to catch the cancer early.

If you believe you've ever been exposed to asbestos—through your workplace or materials you used—be sure to ask your doctor about the advisability of doing an early lung cancer test. If you wore your asbestos-dust-covered clothes home, you may want to talk about doing this for family members also. You should also consider talking with your doctor if you live or lived in an old home and did repairs or replacements to siding, pipe coatings, air ducts and other areas that could contain asbestos—or if your local school or your office or workplace has done so in old buildings. See How to identify asbestos.

Asbestos home test

Other diagnostics might include the results of an asbestos home test. The Environmental Protection Agency has set strict guidelines for how much free-floating asbestos can be present in an environment before it is considered a danger to health. If you conduct an asbestos home test and find that an area of your home contains more than the allowed concentration of asbestos fibers.

In many states, including Indiana, California, Connecticut, Illinois, and Texas, you can purchase asbestos home tests in most pharmacies, home centers, large supermarkets, and specialty stores. Follow the directions carefully and talk to your doctor if the results make you uneasy. Your medical professional will help you decide when and if an early lung cancer test is advisable.