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Non-Traditional Treatments

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Today more and more doctors are accepting the fact that non-traditional treatments for mesothelioma may be useful, often in combination with traditional treatments. While doctors may use similar approaches for most types of lung cancer, the aggressive nature of mesothelioma has both doctors and patients alike testing every available option, and it is the catalyst for an increasing number of researchers searching for new treatments. 

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Mesothelioma cancer treatment information

Non-traditional treatments may include multiple types: biologic and pharmacologic therapies, as well as immunotherapies, and herbal, nutritional, metabolic, adjunctive, and energy approaches. Many of the specialists trained in these therapies practice more than one type and may recommend a combination.

Searching online for examples of mesothelioma cancer treatment may turn up information that includes pharmacologic therapies that were only recently developed. For example, the drug Pemextred (trade name Alimta) was once considered experimental—and therefore non-traditional. But it has since been proven in clinical trials to be equally effective yet less toxic than previous treatments for lung cancer. This is an example of how valuable clinical trials can be in finding improved treatment methods.

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Talk with your doctors about your options for treatment for your mesothelioma cancer. You may want to ask them also what their feelings are about doing all they can to keep you as comfortable as possible during the course of the disease. You are the patient; it is up to you when choosing your medical team to select doctors and other professionals that you feel you can trust to do the best for you and to listen to your desires.

While non-traditional treatments may give some relief, you will have to decide whether you want to submit to any particular experimental or non-traditional treatments. But remember that by doing so you may help researchers find more effective way to help people with mesothelioma. Mesothelioma treatment teams at cancer centers of excellence can help you get accurate, up-to-date information about all your treatment options.

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Continue to review our site for information about non-traditional treatments and other resources and support. Offering this information website is just one of the ways HendlerLaw attorneys are here to help mesothelioma victims.

As qualified mesothelioma attorneys we can help you determine whether you might be able to recover compensation through a legal claim. Whether it makes sense to file one will depend on your history of exposure to asbestos and the specific facts of your unique situation. Talk to one of our experienced asbestos attorneys before you make any decisions—and do it as soon as you find out you have the disease.

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