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Mesothelioma Clinical Trials

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Asbestos Lung Cancer Treatment

Mesothelioma clinical trials have been on-going for quite some time now as researchers continue to look for safe and effective asbestos-related lung cancer treatments. One such clinical trial has medical experts and patients alike feeling somewhat optimistic that a treatment for mesothelioma may be near.

According to a study published on March 2010 in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, a new vaccination for asbestos lung cancer treatment has been proven successful in triggering the immune system's ability to fight tumour growth. The smaller the tumour, the fewer the effects that mesothelioma patients endure as part of their lung cancer treatment.

Pleurisy treatment and ascites treatment also positively affected

Some of the more common effects associated with asbestos lung cancer and pleurisy treatment include cachexia (muscle wasting, fatigue) and ascites (abdominal fluid retention). The results from this mesothelioma clinical trial have researchers believing that if a patient's tumour reacts positively to this particular form of lung cancer treatment, that patient will also expect to feel a lesser degree of pain and discomfort associated with aggressive treatment.

Developed by medical experts and conducted on volunteers who have been diagnosed with this life-threatening asbestos related disease, the main purpose of a mesothelioma clinical trial is to study the effectiveness of a new drug or vaccination, with the hope of finding an effective treatment.

The search for the best lung cancer treatment continues

The National Cancer Institute reports that there are at least 55 mesothelioma clinical trials being conducted—some that involve new medications and varying levels of radiation or chemotherapy, and others that require mesothelioma patients to undergo surgery—at any given time.

As with any clinical trial, mesothelioma clinical trials carry benefits and risks. Different clinical trials involve different procedures; some may prove to be ineffective while others may trigger a negative reaction. Therefore, it is essential that a doctor's consult take place prior to participating in any mesothelioma clinical trial.

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