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Keeping Your Independence

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It's not unusual to be afraid of losing your independence and your dignity when are dealing with advanced mesothelioma. It can feel demoralizing to become physically dependent on others. Many times it feels easier to accept help of an intimate kind (washing or going to the bathroom) from a professional caregiver than from your close family or friends. If you feel this way, ask your doctor or social worker to help you find assistance.

Mesothelioma cancer help

Even if you do need daily care, you can find other ways of keeping your independence. Don't hesitate to indicate specifically how you would like to be helped. For example, you could set the schedule for getting up, washing and dressing, or organize a rotation for other family members. Families and friends are usually happy to comply with what you request in order to show how much they care. Also, by being specific when you ask for what you need, you relieve them of the fear of making a mistake by helping you in some way you're not comfortable with. This way you can still be in charge during the final stages of your mesothelioma cancer.

Your life is still your own

Following your requests may prevent misunderstandings and resentments if things do not go right all the time. Having them follow your wishes will help you feel that your life is still your own.

You may prefer to stay in your own familiar surroundings as a way of keeping your independence. But you may also decide to move, particularly if you live alone. You may find it helpful to discuss with your family and friends the various options for where you prefer to be looked after.

Asbestos lawsuit

Another way you may feel empowered is to have a good relationship with your mesothelioma attorney who is pursuing your asbestos lawsuit for you. If you have not yet consulted a law firm about seeking a settlement from the source of your asbestos exposure, it is not too late.

In addition to helping you receive compensation for your disease, he or she will help you with making a will that expresses your wishes regarding the disposition of your possessions and property and of the funds from any mesothelioma settlement you may receive, even if it doesn't come until after you die.

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