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If You Live Alone

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When you're dealing with advanced mesothelioma, it may be difficult to keep your spirits up if you live alone. Though you want to be independent, it can feel very lonely at times to face all your challenges alone. But there are many organized helpful resources you can turn to: cancer support groups, spiritual advisors, and therapists.

Help with mesothelioma cancer

Don't hesitate to ask for help. Though some friends and family may find it difficult to talk about your mesothelioma cancer, they might be willing to help with your shopping, mail letters or make bank deposits for you, or do something in the house that's too difficult for you. Other people might be better at keeping you company—reading to you if you feel up to it, or listening and sharing your worries and fears. If you live alone, it's especially important to remember that you deserve assistance and support.

If you have to go into the hospital, ask friends to help with your pets or your garden. Or you can tell one friend what needs to be done and ask him or her to organize help for you. Many people want to help but don't know how—you may be surprised at how happy your friends are to be given specific tasks they can do for you.

Your mesothelioma attorney

If you have not yet consulted a mesothelioma attorney about filing an asbestos lawsuit, now is the time to ask for help choosing a lawyer experienced with helping mesothelioma patients receive compensation. If you live alone and you have not yet done this, this is a very important task you could ask a friend or family member to help you with.

If after choosing a mesothelioma attorney you learn that you may have a good chance of recovering compensation, even though it might occur after your death, you can include instructions in your will on how to distribute this money. It could give you a sense of completion and relief to know that you have been able to help someone else or give to a cause that is meaningful to you.

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