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Where to Turn for Help

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It's not easy to know where to turn for help—for medical resources, for emotional support, or for legal assistance. We list below some of the national and local support groups as well as mesothelioma law firms. Find those knowledgeable with asbestos: its symptoms, prognoses, treatment, and compensation.

Asbestos cancer support groups - virtual

You can often find an asbestos cancer support group in your area by searching the Internet. Many cancer centers operate virtual support groups that meet only online in a chat room format. But some support groups will be face-to-face and therefore local to your area. If you prefer to have an in-person group and you don't find anything online, check with local hospitals. They may be able to direct you and try the resources listed in the next section of this page.

You can find some virtual support groups by checking these helpful resources:

  • Online Lung Cancer Support – a private cancer Yahoo Group – posts are not public so you can feel comfortable asking and sharing. For patients, family, survivors, friends.
  • The Cancer Survivors Network – free and sponsored by The American Cancer Society. For patients, family members/friends, and caregivers.
  • The Wellness Community – offers weekly mesothelioma chat weekly in small group, or expert facilitated discussions.
  • OncoChat – a small group online discussion. All ages, all roles (patient, caregiver, etc.).
  • CancerCare – free, professional support; separate programs for patients and caregivers.

Another resource you can use when trying to find out where to turn for help is the knowledge and contacts of an experienced asbestos attorney. Qualified attorneys are able to identify asbestos cancer support groups that might be available in your area. They often know leaders of these groups [true?] as well as doctors who specialize in mesothelioma treatment.

Mesothelioma support group - local

In addition to providing emotional support, mesothelioma support groups can be a resource for general information about mesothelioma symptoms, prognoses, and treatment. No matter where you live—in Georgia, Indiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, or elsewhere—you should be able to find where to turn for help from these sources.

Search for Local Mesothelioma Support Groups, Organizations: cancer,

Community resources for malignant mesothelioma support—groups, events:

Find a local support group:

Clearinghouses for local self-help support groups:

Read more in this Helpful Resources section. And if you've already received a mesothelioma diagnosis, please don't hesitate to call us at the Hendler Law Firm. We are a group of highly qualified asbestos attorneys who have for several years been helping mesothelioma patients recover compensation for their suffering. Our main office is in Austin, Texas. Call us at any time of the day or night. 800.443.6353.