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When you research materials to help you understand the source of your mesothelioma, your prognosis, the methods of treatment, and ways to handle the disease throughout its course, websites can be powerful resources. We have listed some already in our section on Helpful Resources. Don't hesitate to visit them in your search to learn all you can.

Cancer information about mesothelioma

Cancer information about mesothelioma will almost certainly include facts about its connection with asbestos exposure—which often originated in a work environment. Pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma are both tightly connected to breathing in asbestos fibers at some point—length of time and amount of exposure may be relevant, but some cases have arisen when exposure was brief and/or limited.

Some have tried to argue that certain types of asbestos are less dangerous than others, but chrysotile asbestos can be just as dangerous as the other type (called amphibole). Don't let anyone convince you there is no danger because the source to which you are exposed is "white" asbestos as opposed to "blue" asbestos (crocidolite), the most deadly kind of all.

Asbestos mesothelioma resource

Knowing the facts about asbestos, you'll want mesothelioma resources that are clear, objective, and compassionate about your situation. Visit our section Mesothelioma Causes for information about how to identify asbestos and getting an asbestos risk assessment. Take care to use only reliable websites for your information. One that is published by official government sources and relevant to current potential sources of asbestos exposure is the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA). Massachusettes General Hospital is another that lists several other websites about mesothelioma that you can depend on for accurate information.