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Simple breathing and relaxation self-help exercises can help people with mesothelioma lung cancer and for other medical conditions. Many people use tapes to guide the exercise and encourage regular practice. There are several different types of relaxation exercises and ways of presenting them, and people vary in what they find most effective. For example, do you want a long or short relaxation? Do you prefer music or just a voice? It may be worth shopping around, and/or borrowing tapes from friends or professionals.

Health Journeys—a selection of tapes for help with cancer

You can find guided imagery on pain management, stress and anxiety of having cancer and side effects of treatments, affirmations of hope. There are tapes to be used specifically with chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well. Authors include Bernie Siegel, Belleruth Naparstek, Carolyn Daitch, and others. They also have Christian-focused guided meditation tapes available.

Karin Leonard & Associates
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Deep Relaxation; $15 (S/H included)

Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, California

This cancer center maintains a full library of cancer resources including books, audiovisuals, and brochures on many cancer-related topics. Their Cancer Resource Library is free and open to the public. Although they do not specialize in mesothelioma, many of their books and tapes can be very helpful resources. Anyone may register to use the library, even though not being treated at Santa Barbara, California. If you find materials in their Cancer Resource Library Catalog but don’t live nearby in California, you can then search the Internet for other sources where you can get it (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your local library or local cancer center resource center).

Cancer center information

If you live in Texas, Maryland, Georgia, North Dakota, North Carolina, or other states, you may want to check with the cancer center nearest you for information and additional places to find tapes and books to help with pain, stress, treatment side effects, and all the challenges you will be facing while you are living with mesothelioma. Cancer centers specialize in helping people with mesothelioma and other cancers get medical resources

Asbestos cancer attorney

If you have mesothelioma—called the asbestos cancer—you should consult a qualified mesothelioma attorney as soon as possible. For information about mesothelioma legal assistance, review our website sections on your Legal Rights, Legal Deadlines (in some states you must have an asbestos cancer attorney file a lawsuit within a certain amount of time after you are diagnosed or you lose your right to petition for compensation), and Legal Process FAQs.